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Professional Corporate Event DJ Services


Blue Frog Entertainment will make your next corporate event an unforgettable one.  From cocktail and holiday parties, to company picnics, product launches, and corporate dances, we will keep your guests entertained and on their feet all night long!

Ensuring your corporate event reflects the exact ideas you envision is crucial to Blue Frog Entertainment.  We understand the job with which you have entrusted our staff, and we pride ourselves on reflecting that same excellence for your event.  Whatever the occasion, we will work diligently to ensure everyone has a pleasurable and memorable

Our friendly and professional staff is pleased to work with you every step of the way.  Before the event, we’ll work with you to understand your requirements, and help you realize the vision you have for the event.  At Blue Frog Entertainment, we want to make your event a true reflection of you and your company, and we will work attentively until we have met each of your requirements and expectations.

We are available for a wide range of events, including the following:

• Christmas Parties
• Product Launches
• Conventions & Trade Shows
• Fundraising Galas
• Client Appreciation Events
• Picnics or Barbeques
• Awards & Recognition Banquets
• Theme Nights

We also provide audio and video equipment, such as custom lighting, digital projectors and screens, microphones, and comprehensive sound systems.  For added brand recognition, we can even project your company logo on the floor or ceiling of your venue.

Blue Frog Entertainment loves to please, and we know how to get guests on the dance floor and keep them there.  Our job is to ensure that everyone walks away from your event talking positively about their memorable experience for years to come.

We provide you with a talented host and DJ who are skilled to quickly and consistently play music based on your unique crowd and the songs that draw their attention, keeping guests happy, energized and dancing.  And of course we take requests outside of any preset playlist.  We offer an extensive collection that includes thousands of songs and videos in our music library, including a variety of ethnic music.

Blue Frog Entertainment will work with you to achieve the perfect ‘look and feel’ for your event.  Whatever it takes to make your corporate event a hit, we’ll make it happen.

We are always available and pleased to discuss all details, requirements, and any special requests prior to the event to ensure that your needs are met, and that everything runs flawlessly on event day.

Blue Frog Entertainment looks forward to the opportunity to bring your corporate event to fruition.


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